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Report on sexual abuse and rape of Penan woman are sweeping statements which do not reflect the bigger picture on the ground. Let police complete their investigation and the law take its course.

Long Kawi, with a population of some 200, is about eight hours drive by 4-WD vehical through logging road from Miri and 2 hours from the nearest bazar of Long Lama.

I don't know of any 16 year-old girl from my village who has been disturb and raped by timber camp workers.- Satuk Lawai, Penan Chief of Long Kawi.

I have travelled to at least 15 Penan settlements by land, meet their leaders who asked for development projects but they never brought up such issue (Report on sexual abuse and rape of Penan woman) during our meeting. - Lihan Jok, Telang Usan assemblyment.

the SUNDAY POST, October 19 2008
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